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Taking photos the right way

Photos must be sharp

examples of poor and good sharpness   Pictures should be sharp enough, so that the details of goods packaging can be clearly seen. To take sharp photos, hold the device tight in your hand. Turn on the flash if necessary.  

Irrelevant objects must not be in the photo

examples of irrelevant objects when shooting   In the photo, the goods view should not be obstructed by irrelevant objects: boxes, trolley bars, customers, and other objects.  

Avoid long distances and angles when taking photos

examples of long distance and wrong shooting angle   Goods should be photographed strictly frontally. The shelves with goods in the photo should be seen parallel to the floor, and should be located close to you. If you take pictures of shelves at an angle, our application will warn you, and ask to retake the photo. Do not photograph the product from far away.  

Products must fit in the photo entirely

examples of photos taken too close and irrelevant shelves   Do not take pictures of goods too close, they should be seen in the photo completely. There should be no irrelevant shelves seen. Choose the right location to avoid these errors.  

The correct photo

example of the correct photo    - The photo should show both the top and the bottom of the shelves.  - Focused right in the picture center.  - The bezels on both right and left sides should be kept minimal.  

What if a shelf with the goods is too large for one photo?

example of shooting a series of photos   In case the shelf is very high and does not fit in one frame, you would need to take several photos in the right order, so that all products on the shelf are correctly recognized. Please note that photos should be taken with an overlap of 3 faces. The sequence of shooting resembles the spelling of the letter N. First, shoot the lower left frame, then the upper left frame, then the lower right frame, and finally the upper right frame. If necessary, take photos in the same sequence.  


example of shooting a panorama   If the shelf height fits one frame, you can use the Panorama function, which will help you to take a series of photos, and will display a part of the previous photo as a hint.  

Each additional point of sale should be shot in a separate photo

example of shooting an additional point of sale   When shooting additional points of sale, try to have one center point of sale in the frame. If necessary, use the photo cropping function.  

Example of a perfect photo

example of a perfect photo    - The image is clear, not blurry, small details on the product packaging are clearly visible.  - With correct angle and distance to the shelf.  - All the goods on the shelves fit in one frame, there are no missed goods.  - All products on the shelf are clearly visible, they do not cover each other, and each product is facing the viewer.  - There are no irrelevant objects in the photo, and minimal bezels on the sides.  

Please follow these guidelines:

- Take photos of all the shelves on which the goods are present.  - Photos should be clear, with small details of the product packaging clearly visible.  - There should be no irrelevant objects in the photo.  - Each additional point of sale must be on a separate picture.  - Choose the correct distance and location, so that all the products fit in one photo.  - The goods in the photo should be clearly visible, not overlap each other, and face the viewer.