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Initial filling of the Profile

Upon the first launch of the application, enter the PIN number, then correctly fill in all the fields of the Profile form. Please note that the * symbol indicates required fields. Profile fields depend on project settings. After filling out the profile form, tap the Register button.  

What to do if the application does not allow to save the Profile

If the application does not allow you to save your Profile, most likely you have entered a non-existent route number. Check the route number, and make sure you enter the correct one.  

Editing Profile

To change the Profile information, tap the Edit button, located in the upper right corner of the Profile window screen. After you have changed the data, tap the Update button.  

Entering personal information to the Profile

Your name and surname are your personal data, and should not be entered into the Profile.  

Statistics of the the current month visits

In the profile window, you can see the visits statistics. For example, statistics for the last month: how many visits were made during the month, and how many stores were visited. The data that you see there depend on the project settings.   With some project settings, statistics may not be displayed.  

Getting help with the application

You can get help from the Profile window.   - In the Android application: Profile/Support. - In the iOS application: Profile/Information/Help.  

Updating Master Data

Master Data is the data that you need for your work with the application. For example: store lists, task lists, settings, etc. Master Data is updated every day the first time the application is launched. If necessary, you can manually update the Master Data from the profile window.   - In the Android application, click Data Transfer/Update Master Data. - In the iOS application, click Update Data.  

Viewing photo upload status

You can see the status of uploading photos in the Profile.   - In the Android application, tap Data Transfer/Image Upload. - In the iOS app, tap Upload Center.  

Logging out of the application

You can change the project, or exit the current account from the Profile window.   - In the Android application, tap Change Project/Logout. - In the iOS application, tap Logout.  

Switching between the projects

You can switch from one project to another without leaving the application. To change the project, go to Profile, and tap the Change Project button. In the opening list, tap the name of the project you want to switch to. To get back to the PIN number entry window, tap Exit. You can only go to the projects in which you are already authorized. If you tap the Change Project button and immediately get to the PIN number input screen, it means that you are authorized in one project only.